Alexandria Drive-In Donates Thousands to Nonprofits, Plans Second Round

The Alexandria Drive-In, which just completed its first six-week run, donated thousands to local nonprofit organizations, including ACT for Alexandria.

The Alexandria Drive-In is itself a nonprofit organization, formed by ALX Community and The Garden to raise funds for local causes while providing residents with a safe, fun activity. The movies also provided opportunities for local food trucks.
The drive-in movies were shown in the west lot of the Victory Center on Eisenhower Avenue, with tickets going for $30 per vehicle. Volunteers organized the events from ticketing to parking.
ACT for Alexandria, the Alexandria community foundation that supports hundreds of nonprofit organizations and more, received a $15,000 donation from the Alexandria Drive-In.
Athena Rapid Response, another local nonprofit organization that supports labs, home workshops, and makerspaces where individuals are working to help those fighting coronavirus, also received funding from the Alexandria Drive-In.
“Our volunteer crew and sponsors have been so amazed at the community response and continuing desire for the drive-in, it was a unanimous decision to find a way to continue with a second series,” said Kelly Grant, COO of ALX Community.
The second series of movies could start as early as late October. Interested parties can sign-up for more information at