ALX Community Makes Big Impact

Since its origin in 2011, Spring2ACTion has raised more than $10 million dollars for 160 nonprofits, making it one of the most successful city-wide giving days in the country. And despite the unforeseen challenges of this year, the 2020 giving day was no different. 

In response to the community needs around the COVID-19 coronavirus, ACT for Alexandria moved up it’s annual day of giving. While ALX Community was proud to be the 2020 host of Spring2Action, we were even more proud of the online results. Last month, the Alexandria community banded together to raise a record breaking 2.45 million. In fact, ACT for Alexandria raised almost $400,000 more than they did last year. In this time of change and uncertainty, our community was able to rally around a common cause: helping each other. It was quite the feat for the tradition’s 10-year anniversary.

ALX Community couldn’t be more grateful and appreciative of the 27 members from our coworking community who helped raise $7,535 towards this amazing outcome. Thank you to all who participated and thank you to our members at ACT for Alexandria for inspiring and empowering our community to make a positive difference. The generosity of this community is overwhelming, and it is the biggest honor to give back to the organizations that make Alexandria the best place to live, work, and play. We’re sending a big virtual round of applause to all who made it happen.

If you missed out on Alexandria’s day of giving, it’s not too late. You can give through this platform year round.

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