March 8, 2018 Blog
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Save Money By Coworking

Before you lease space for your small business, STOP and consider co-working!

If you’re thinking about leasing office space for your business, you should consider learning more about the benefits of co-working. In addition to great amenities and a strong community, the month to month membership plans allow your business the flexibility to grow when you are ready. Coworking allows you to lease only the space you need today, and avoid paying extra money for space that you won’t use yet.

You may have already seen a few ways coworking at ALX Community can boost your team to the next level of productivity, but here’s our top three:

  1. Invest in your business, not your office.

You’d be amazed at how many costs come into play when you enter into a long-term lease.

Outside of the lease payment itself, you’ll also need:

  • broker fees
  • deposits
  • permits
  • office décor
  • furniture
  • utilities
  • internet
  • networking resources
  • cleaning services
  • insurance
  • common area costs
  • security

I don’t know about you, but I can only see ???

A coworking lease provides a ‘cost per employee’ that is less than half of traditional office space. What could your business do with the money saved?

Now, as if saving cold hard cash wasn’t enough, we’ve got a few more ways coworking can save your startup.

    2. Built-in office management 

Running your office is a lot different than running your business, and it can interfere! Remember that list in #1? All those vendors to keep your office up, and YOU are the point of contact for all of them. Janitors didn’t empty the trash? You get to make the call. Internet connection having issues? YOU get to be on the line with the helpdesk.

Coworking takes that burden completely off of you. You can go back to doing what you love – your business – and leave the janitor, the network, the vending machines and snacks to us. Office Management IS our business, it’s what we love, and that’s why we built ALX Community.


3. Your Time is Your Money.

All too often, we see small business owners devalue one of the most important resources they have – their time. When they have to spend time finding a plumber or following up on maintenance requests, that’s valuable time that they could have spent securing a new client, making a new sales presentation, or learning something new to help their business.

While we can’t put more than 24 hours in a day, we can put more hours in your day by managing the community and space for you, rather than you trying to fit it into your schedule, or hiring another person to manage your space. Just a word to our talented team members, and you can get back to work. We’ll handle it!

When all that time we save you pays off, and you’re ready to grow, we’re still there for you. Our family of daily and monthly plans, hot desks and private offices, can scale to your needs for many years!


We decided we couldn’t let you go with just three, so we are throwing in some additional “little” perks which can add up to big hidden savings!

Your membership comes with a ton of great benefits, but we’ve got to mention some more that we think you’ll love! We offer package services so you never worry about missing the FedEx guy, great coffee and tea to keep you going throughout the day, and even a mobile app to make booking conference rooms and event spaces a breeze.

If your furry friend likes to tag along with you, no worries! We know he’ll say ALX Community is #pawfectcoworking when he comes for his very first day. No more dog walking or daycare fees!

ALX Community was built #bylocalsforlocals. We love to see a local business grow, and we believe coworking is one of the most preferred workspaces; providing cost savings, collaboration and community building for our members and Alexandria. Whether you’re flying solo, or head up a small team, we’ve got a solution that works for you.


Hard hat tours are being booked now and spaces will fill up fast.

We are opening this April!