April 3, 2018 Blog
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Why Coworking Works For Media Companies

As a media professional, you know the value of telling a good story and how it can be a game changer for your brand. Let us tell you a story how coworking can transform the way you run your business and work with your clients.

Much like you harness the power of the media to deliver amazing results for your clients, you can utilize the benefits of co-working to grow your business while improving your bottom line.

Cutting the cord

The key to success in the media business is to create innovative campaigns and determine the right audiences to receive those messages. Social media and online platforms are great tools, but they aren’t the entire formula for success The other part of the equation involves getting out of the office and doing some good old-fashioned networking.

coworking in alexandria VAIf part of your team is going to be out of the office building those relationships, why would you waste money on maintaining dedicated office space for them? Instead, opt for shared coworking desks that allow them to have an office when they need it and be free to move around when they don’t.

Shared desk plans, including those available at ALX Community, can differ based on each employee’s needs and even change from month to month if needed. So, if your clients or your industry has a busy season when you need more people out of the office, you can adjust your plan accordingly.

ALX Community offers online booking, so your team members can make sure that a desk is ready and waiting for them whenever they need one. The more money you save on office space and related overhead, the more you’ll have to invest in your media team and creating amazing results for your clients.

Access to new clients

Speaking of relationships, a co-working space can be a goldmine for a media company. They are filled with startups and other businesses that likely need some help getting their message out to the public.

This is where your company comes in. As you get to know your neighbors in the co-working space, set up meetings to learn more about their need and how your company can help meet them.

If you are looking to make a bigger splash, consider holding an event at the co-working space where you offer some tips on branding or marketing. This is a great way to bring new clients in at the top of the funnel by providing a little bit of information for free to a willing audience.

As those relationships form, you can watch your client’s media journey at every step of the way because they’ll be working in the same space and growing right alongside you.

You might also be able to recruit some freelance help from among our members when your business takes off thanks to those new relationships you’re forming. Our members are a tightly-knit community, and we encourage them to help each other professionally whenever possible.


Perception is everything

If you are trying to position your media company as cutting edge, setting up shop in a hip, trendy co-working space like ALX Community is the perfect way to do that. We are located in the heart of Old Town and make having a presence there more affordable than it would be to rent an office here on your own.

By moving to a co-working space, you give your clients the impression that your company is forward thinking and can help them connect with potential customers in the 2018 media landscape. You’ll also be able to attract new team members who share that vision and can apply a forward-thinking approach to their media planning and strategy.

As co-working continues to grow, it’s gaining more and more traction from the media, which provides an opportunity for your company to receive some earned media. As a media professional, you know how valuable this is and how much credibility it can bring to your business.


Conspicuous by absence

Even if you aren’t 100 percent sold on the idea of co-working, choosing not to move may do your company more harm than good in the long run. As perceptions continue to change about co-working, you’ll continue to see more and more companies make the change.

This is not the case in every industry, and traditional businesses will likely continue to stay in traditional offices for as long as possible. Media companies, however, tend to be forward-thinking, so expect to see your competitors make the leap if they have not already.

As we said, perception is everything, and this is one instance where you do not want to stand out from the crowd when it comes to securing new clients and maintaining relationships with existing ones.

The next chapter

We’ve reached the end of the story about why coworking works for media companies. You know the benefits and the potential; now it’s time to decide whether or not you’ll take the plunge — a cliffhanger, perhaps.

Will your company transform its office location to save money and access new clients, or will it continue with business as usual and get left in the dust as your competitors reap the benefits that come with co-working?

The good news is that this story can have a little of both endings. ALX Community offers membership plans to suit everyone, including day passes and 30-day flex options. Think of it as a pilot to determine whether or not you’ll sign up for an entire season of co-working.

Click the “book a tour” link at the top of the page to see our space and visualize for yourself how coworking can benefit your media company.

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