Questions We're Frequently Asked About ALX Community


What does a membership at ALX Community include?
What membership plans do you offer?
Do all memberships begin on the 1st of the month?
Are your memberships really month-to-month?
What if I’m looking for a private office or dedicated desk for a date in the future?
When are you open?
Can I stop in should I make an appointment for a tour?
Am I allowed to bring my dog and what’s your pet policy?
What is the average square footage of an office?
What if my company needs phone service?
How do printing credit work?
Can I add mail and package handling?
Can I have multiple mailing addresses for one account?
How do reservation credit hours work?
How do I reserve a conference room or a workspace?
What size conference rooms do you have?
What is a Day Pass / Visitor Pass?
When can I reserve an ALX community workspace?
I have a Flex 30 Membership. Can I book a conference room on the weekend?
I have a Flex 30 Membership. Do I have to reserve a seat before coming in?
I have a Flex 30 Membership. What happens if I need more hours during the month?
I just reserved a conference room. How do I register my guests?
Can I register guests to use the communal shared tables with me?
Can guests visit me in my private office?
I’m ready to sign up. What are my payment options?
Is there a retainer or set up fee required to secure a dedicated desk or private office?
When do I have to let ALX Community know I’m moving out?
Am I able to transfer to another location?
I am a current ALX Community member and love my space! Does ALX Community give referral rewards?
My company has grown out of its current space. Does ALX Community build spaces for larger teams?
Does ALX Community charge late fees?
How do I update my payment information?
How can I review my monthly invoice and charges?