We opened our doors with the intention to have a positive social impact for our neighbors in the city we love.


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We believe giving back to our community is important.  We know how hard it can be to find an organization or the time in your day to help out.  We curate Community Caring events right at ALX, so you can hop out of your office, make a few sandwiches, and get right back to work.  All Community Caring events are open to members and the public to participate, so feel free to tell your friends.  

 125 Mammograms Funded!

Over $160,000 donated!

Animal Fact about ALX!

18,500+ Sandwiches Made!

Over $2.5 Million donated!

Domestic Violence Center!

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3 children in process of adoption!

Proud Supporters!

17 Scholarships Funded!

Business Philanthropist of the Year

Volunteer Alexandria honored our own Chief Operating Officer, Kelly Grant, with this award for the many community-centered giving operations she has initiated.

Last year, after five months of an exhausting pandemic, Grant struck oil after launching the Alexandria Drive-In. The effort raised more than $160,000, with more than 12,000 people safely seeing movies on the big screen again. Proceeds from the films went to ACT for Alexandria, the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria and Athena Rapid Response.

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