6 Steps for a Quick and Easy Zoom Makeup Look


Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to ALX Community member Ky Washington, a multitalented force in the green beauty and wellness space. She has more than a decade’s experience as a TV, film, and special events makeup artist, working with clients including CNN, ABC, Starbucks, and Modern Bride (just to scratch the surface).

A couple years ago, after a health scare and struggle with fertility issues, Ky says she learned that “what you put on and in your body can affect the way it performs. I changed my lifestyle and my health greatly improved—and as a bonus, my skin is awesome! Once my clients noticed the changes in me, they started inquiring how they could make changes themselves, so I started researching everything and eventually transitioned my kit to a clean one.” Thus was born her lifestyle brand Modern Green Goddess. “The name of my business started with me embracing my feminine energy and not conforming to patriarchy. That’s how I found my goddess,” she says. Ky is also the co-founder of Clean Beauty Artists, a clean beauty agency that offers professional service in the DC and New York areas, with new locations on the horizon.

    Ky is currently an artist with Disney and has expanded to include teaching group and private classes on green beauty and aromatherapy. She is a strong advocate for safer cosmetics and has a weekly online show to highlight those making positive waves in the eco community. She’d also like you to know that “you don’t have to live in the woods and weave your own toilet paper to live a healthy life.”

    We asked Ky to share her pro tips to demystify just how to do makeup for the now-normal way we conduct meetings: the Zoom call. According to Ky, “You don’t have to wear a ton of makeup on Zoom to look polished and fresh. You only need six things.” Here they are:

    1. Mascara to add shape to the eyes.
    2. Foundation or tinted moisturizer to color correct the skin.
    3. Concealer to hide dark circles or blemishes.
    4. Blush, because “everyone needs a little color.”
    5. Brow gel or brow pencil. “This is most important. It frames your face and makes you look put together.”
    6. Lip gloss, which projects your lips so people listen to what you say. “Don’t be a chicken—go bolder than you think!

    For products, Ky recommends going with the “Flawless in Five” kit from the uber clean makeup and skincare brand Beautycounter, which has a selector to help guide you to the six items you need to get Zoom-ready in just five minutes. (‘Of course you can always send me a photo of you in natural light with no makeup and I can give you my professional opinion,” says Ky.)

    Are you male or non-binary? Ky has tips for you, too!

    1. Wear a really good moisturizer. Her current favorite is the Counterman Oil Free Face Lotion from Beautycounter. (“I borrowed it from my husband and never gave it back.”)
    2. Get an invisible brow gel, which Ky says is amazing for smoothing wild brows or other facial hair and catching stray hairs before Zooming. Her go-to is Beautycounter’s Brilliant Brow Gel.
    3. Use a concealer. “Look, if you had too many beers, or didn’t get enough sleep, it shows. Just take a couple dots under the eyes, or any place that’s red or discolored, and tap in with your finger until it’s blended.” Ky recommends the Conceal + Correct liquid concealer from vegan brand Clove + Hallow because it’s more matte and won’t look out of place.

    Looking for more clean health and beauty tips? Follow Ky on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube at @moderngreengoddess. On Clubhouse, she’s ky washington. Or, drop her a note at ky@moderngreengoddess.com.