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We created ALX Community to be the central hub and gathering place for people making things happen in Alexandria. Since opening our doors, our members have done incredible things. Here, we highlight a few of the stories of success from our members and how ALX has helped them on their journey.

The Benefits of Coworking
for a Communications Agency
Read President of Communications Group's Story

Jane Barwis, Founder & President of BRG Communications, a woman-owned full service communications agency, was excited to discover at ALX Community an office space that could meet all of her team’s needs and alleviate some of those extra worries that often accompany traditional office leases. Jane and her team can now focus on their work with some of the top corporations, nonprofits, industry associations and medical societies in the country.

ALX Community provides an atmosphere that supports another important priority to Jane which is investing in the success and wellness of her employees. The space is conveniently located near many workout studios, parks and healthy food options. In addition to the private office suite that BRG Communications occupies at ALX Community, they also frequently utilize the state-of-the-art conference center located down the hall. The conference center is the first in Old Town Alexandria and provides meeting space for groups of varying size.

This allows the BRG Communications team to experience the best of both worlds with the collaborative nature of the coworking offices and the convenience of a modern, professional meeting area only steps away.

Building Relationships
Which Build Business
Read Local Mortgage Banker's Story

When it came to finding a place for her office, it was important for Toni to find an environment that reflected these same qualities. She knew the moment she walked through the front doors of ALX Community that she had found the right place. She noticed a sense of hustle and activity as members worked on their laptops or met with clients over a cup of coffee.  ALX Community provides opportunities for education, development and networking through a variety of lunch time and evening programs while also being a fun place to interact with a group of energetic and hardworking individuals. The programs range from a TALX speaker series and happy hours to wellness workshops and opportunities to volunteer and give back to the greater Alexandria community. It is through the connections she has developed at ALX Community that Toni was able to double her business in one year. ALX Community has become so much more than an office space for Toni. It has become a valuable part of her personal and professional success.

Coworking Delivers the
Flexibility Tech Startups Crave
Read Local Chief Technology Officer's Story

Blue Orange Digital began as a small start-up with only a couple of employees but they are growing at a fast rate. Colin appreciates ALX Community because of the ability to expand their work areas on an as-needed basis. ALX Community offers flexible daily, monthly and yearly memberships for a single desk or offices that can accommodate companies as large as 40 people. Blue Orange Digital recently signed on for two more offices. Potential recruits and new employees that Colin brings to ALX Community are impressed by the polished and modern design of the office.

Colin is proud to be able to provide them a workspace that offers the feel and amenities of a much larger company. Some of these amenities include bike parking, high-tech conference rooms, collaboration areas and a spacious community kitchen with great coffee. Colin enjoys showing up to work every day because of the convenient location and the wonderful people he has met as a member of ALX Community.

Step into the Power of
Filming Videos for Your Business
Read Youtube Expert & Video Strategist's Story

With 4+ years of video marketing experience and investing thousands of dollars in my continued education Victoria Levitan has garnered over 250,000 views on her own videos.

It all started with her love for beauty products in 2015. She started her blog Viciloves because she was too scared to go on camera. A year of blogging went by and she mustered up enough confidence to post her first video: “My skincare routine”.

She immediately got a far greater response on her videos than she had in the 1 year of blogging. Not only did she get better engagement, as soon as she saw the $ signs go up, she knew she was on to something.

Living in the Washington D.C. area, she kept filming her own Youtube videos – and occasionally thought of local businesses who’d benefit from being on Youtube.

Now Victoria works out of ALX Community and helps other businesses find success on Youtube!

Local Writer and Consultant
Local Designer and Consultant
Software Product Developer
 CEO & Market Researcher
Georgetown University Student
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Marketing & Public Relations Expert
Magazine Publisher
Health Policy, Advocacy & Leadership
Anti-Racism and Equity Focus

I love my membership. I have always had to commute to an office and rush hour isn't as fun as you think. I am now working at a remote job and I get to walk to work. It's so freeing and exhilarating walking to work and actually liking the office and people. There are new faces every day and seeing friendly and happy dogs makes me smile. I never expected my membership to give me the opportunity to attend great workshops and network. When my job gets stressful, I know ALX Community will be there to brighten my day.

I can't believe how supportive every person on the ALX team has been. Down, or rather up to the owners! Every single person has reached out to me to find out what they can do to support the growth and success of my business! This has been so amazing!! Again, as in point #1 above, a challenge in owning my own business is feeling isolated and not having anyone to turn to. Not only do I now have the ALX group to turn to, they, in fact, reach out to me first! Amazing!!

My business has gained visibility and credibility in Alexandria. I also have received several referrals from members and event attendees.

I am obsessed with coming to work each day at ALX. Because of the atmosphere, I show up more during my offseason than ever before. The team is a delight and I am proud to be a founding member!


Having the opportunity to connect with others in the community has been wonderful. ALX Community provides the environment where you meet other business leaders that you might not have met otherwise. It's a great place to share ideas and collaborate. The amenities make going to work significantly easier. The ALX Community team has a can-do attitude that seems to make everything easier.


The spectacular team at the core of ALX Community sets the tempo for it to be both a highly productive workplace and an actual community. They care deeply about the community of professionals they are building and the broader Alexandria community. Each day you can see them work hard to add value to each member/business as well as to grow their own. These values have attracted a similarly high-quality group of members/businesses that make it easy to go to work, work hard and enjoy it.


It’s impossible to have a bad day if you work at ALX because it isn’t just a community workplace, but a workspace that cares about the community. I feel like I can represent ALX everywhere I go in the community, whether through volunteering or chamber events. ALX is not for profit; it is for people. Specifically, our people. People who call Alexandria home, regardless of if you’ve called it home for a week or for decades. People really care about you here.


I love ALX Community because it suits my needs precisely. I drive into DC from Alexandria every day to my downtown office and I finally reached the traffic breaking point! How many hours of good work time were lost in that commute? Minutes from home, I’m at ALX Community where I can set up every Friday and get all of my work done.

The sound proof phone booths are great for calls, there are conference rooms should I have meetings, and best of all, there are great people working at ALX Community so I never feel like I’m isolated working alone from home. Plus, compared to some other spaces I tried, nothing measures up to ALX Community's modern design and amenities. This has been a great decision for someone like me who needs a co-working space one day a week to avoid the DC traffic gridlock!


ALX Community has jumped into Old Town and become the hub for what's current and interesting in Alexandria by creating a space for ideas worth sharing. The dream team staff made it easy for me to host a lunch TALX, book signing and Healthy Happy Hour. They partnered with me in the process of hosting the events from inception to completion and made sure the experience was positive and successful.


We are incredibly happy that we decided to move our office to ALX.  From day one, we knew that we made the right decision. The modern open design, all of the amenities, and the variety of meeting spaces make it a great place to collaborate with colleagues and clients.

The entire ALX team is fantastic and has created an environment that inspires collaboration, creativity, and community.


ALX changed my life. I tell everyone who owns a business or works from home they need to invest in themselves by joining the ALX Community. Your business, and how you view yourself as a business owner, will never be the same once you do.

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