dog policy


At this time ALX Community only allows dogs in the Facility.
All Members are eligible to bring a dog into the Facility, subject to:

  1. Formal approval granted by the Community Manager; and
  2. A maximum number of dogs being permitted in the Facility on any one day (please speak to the Community Manager about this).

Persons bringing dogs into or out of the Facility are required to utilize the designated dog entrance, if applicable to the Facility.

Dog owners shall be responsible for any damage caused by their dogs to ALX Community property or the property of other members, as well as for any incremental cleaning or repair costs associated with the presence of their dogs in and about the Facility.

Dog owners shall be responsible for any medical bills from injuries, bites or scratches to ALX Community staff, members, or other users of or visitors to the Facility.

Dog owners must indemnify ALX Community against any loss, claim or liability resulting from the presence of their dogs in and about the Facility and the Building.

Dog owners shall be responsible for their dogs’ wellbeing, behavior, and biological needs (scooping, bagging, cleaning, and sanitizing).

No dog shall be left unattended in the Facility at any time.

All dogs MUST be:

  1. Current on flea prevention treatments, and have all appropriate vaccinations (and, upon request, you shall provide us with evidence of all current vaccinations);
  2. Parasite-free (fleas, ticks, etc.);
  3. Spayed or neutered;
  4. Obedient;
  5. Potty trained and of good hygiene (e.g., no foul, unpleasant or strong odors); and
  6. Under their owner’s physical control 100% of the time (no free rein in community/public areas, no leash-dragging, no wandering dogs).

NO dog shall:

  1. Exhibit aggressive behavior;
  2. Cause excessive noise through barking, growling or otherwise;
  3. Be disruptive to other community members, and/or inhibit work productivity;
  4. Block member access to public spaces; or
  5. Engage in loud play.

Dog owners shall be respectfully attentive to co-workers who may be uncomfortable or distracted by the dog’s behavior:

  1. Proactively address distractions;
  2. Be open to your co-workers’ suggestions on how to improve distractions;
  3. No squeaky toys;
  4. No meaty treats.

ALX Community Managers reserve the right to revoke your and/or your dog’s membership at their discretion to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our members.