March 8, 2018 Blog
Coworking space community business start-up concept

Is Coworking Your Missing Ingredient?

Coworking space community business start-up conceptCoworking isn’t how your parents went to work, but it isn’t all that new either. In case you haven’t heard about this trend, it is prevalent among many young entrepreneurs. 

Coworking is all about hyper-local and remote employees coming together to use their shared but diverse work experiences in an environment more akin to a traditional office but without the headaches of an extensive long-term lease. 

The world is changing quickly and the entrepreneurial world is changing faster still. Today, flexibility, creativity, and innovation are king. In the past, one of the measures of professional success was an expensive office of your own. Other less endearing options were to work from home or head for the nearest coffee shop or other location where you could hop on public Wi-Fi. Deskmag’s Global Coworking Survey suggests that coworking- sharing or pooling of collective professional office space- is an option all should consider, and many should pursue aggressively. 71% of coworkers admit to a boost in creativity, with 62% reporting that the quality of their output had improved since they started coworking. 

So how do this matter to you? And let’s be frank, that’s what is important. Here are our top five leading advantages of coworking as opposed to a home office, coffee shop or fast casual restaurant. 

1. Engages you with like-minded people. 

Coworking communities are organized around group dynamics. Regardless of your field, there is a coworking community filled with folks doing the same type of work. In the process, you end up engaged with your peers, guaranteeing intellectual stimulation and potential maximization. You can quite literally build your network from the comfort of your own desk! 

2. Stimulates you. 

Even been stumped and looking for invigoration at the home office or that place around the corner where you sometimes work? Likely it’s hard, if not impossible, to find someone to bounce an idea off of or better yet grow your own horizons a bit by giving some feedback on someone else’s latest idea! 

There’s no one to turn to and it’s easy to get discouraged and even lonely. But being in an active and engaged environment gives you the opportunity take part in small talk, clear your head and focus your energies adroitly on the matters at hand. 

3. Inserts you into a ready-made professional working environment. 

Let’s face it; home offices are too quiet and unstimulating and coffee shops and restaurants are too noisy and overly stimulating. Though both have their place, neither feels entirely professional. The home is a place of relaxation with family and friends. It doesn’t marry well with cluttered desks, laptops and conference bridges. Distractions abound! Between noisy pets, roving yard crews, maniacal order takers and bus staff, it’s darned difficult at times to have an effective personal conversation, much less a professional one. If you’re looking for more reason to move beyond your home office, click the image below to download our free e-book called “Time to Leave Home?” that details 33 Reasons to Dump Your Home Office. 

4. Chat with a local expert without standing up. 

Coworking is all about finding the best minds in related fields and having them work together. Should you find yourself stuck, then you can always reach out someone knowledgeable in the field. Working in such a targeted environment brings many professional bonuses. But beyond that, there are also numerous motivational perks as well. Seeing your neighbor succeed on a project will motivate you to do the same. It’s almost like having your own think tank in your back pocket. Now that’s a secret weapon your competitor likely doesn’t have! 

5. Become freakishly flexible. 

True coworking environments are temples to flexibility. Featuring reasonable rates far below commercial long-term leases, you’ll find a package just right for you. As your company grows, so can your space. Need to add a desk for a few months for a special project or a permanent new addition? Alx has you covered. Need a larger space once a week for formal presentations? Say no more. No need to pay for a meeting room as part of a lease that you only need every once in a while! 

All coworking groups offer distinct packages and facilities, ready to meet your needs. At Alx Community, we believe in efficiency and convenience and stand ready to help you get started. We pride ourselves on not only getting you a great seat at the table but also your long-term success. We work hard to bring like-minded professionals to the same table with reasonable rates which are scalable to your particular needs. Our Old Town facilities are fully responsive to your every known need- and likely even a few you haven’t even thought of yet. We cater to an exclusive community and you can book space for up to 50 employees at a time. We’re even dog-friendly! 

So if you’re ready for the next step in your entrepreneurial journey and braced for new and unparalleled networking and efficiencies for your startup, reach out to us today!