Broker Partnership Program

Introduce your clients to us and get paid for all successful signed memberships.


Our hyperlocal approach to the world extends to our partnerships with brokers. We appreciate what you do and want to make it easy for you to bring us great members. Our commission program makes it simple for you to be rewarded for your relationships and hard work. 


Agreements Up To 12 months (including month to month)

10% commissions rewarded

Agreements up to 24 months

10% on months 1-12

2% on months 13-24


10% commission rewarded

Become an ALX Broker Partner

Step One – Complete the broker partner form

Step Two – Schedule a tour with/for your referral

Step Three – Membership agreement signed; payment is processed

Step Four –  Receive your reward

Step Five – Repeat!

Broker FAQ’s

What information do I need to provide to register?

In order to register and start submitting client introductions, we’ll need you to submit the form below. Later, we’ll need ACH banking information in order to transfer fees for successful deals.

Is there a limit to how many clients I can introduce?

No, you may introduce as many clients as you like. The more the merrier!

What is Net Total Contract Value (TCV)?

Total Membership fees during the commitment term of a given contract, less any “unused” portion of the preceding contract, if any exists.

What is Net Total Contract Value (TCV)?

Total Contract Value (TCV) is calculated as desks x price per desk per month x committed months less any remaining TCV of old contract (if applicable). The broker fee does not include custom configuration costs (if any), as defined in the Member Agreement.

How can I get help if I have additional questions?

If you have a question we didn’t address above, please reach out to [email protected] and someone from the ALX team will be in touch to help you.

Let’s Get Started!

  • Broker Information

  • Referred Company Information

  • By creating a broker account with ALX Community you agree to our Broker Partnership Program Terms of Service
Jeanne Griffen

Jeanne Griffin

I can't believe how supportive every person on the ALX team has been. Down, or rather up to the owners! Every single person has reached out to me to find out what they can do to support the growth and success of my business! This has been so amazing!! Again, as in point #1 above, a challenge in owning my own business is feeling isolated and not having anyone to turn to. Not only do I now have the ALX group to turn to, they, in fact, reach out to me first! Amazing!!
steven ledvina photo

Steven Ledvina

The spectacular team at the core of ALX Community sets the tempo for it to be both a highly productive workplace and an actual community. They care deeply about the community of professionals they are building and the broader Alexandria community. Each day you can see them work hard to add value to each member/business as well as to grow their own. These values have attracted a similarly high-quality group of members/businesses that make it easy to go to work, work hard and enjoy it.

Clair Sassin

Having the opportunity to connect with others in the community has been wonderful. ALX Community provides the environment where you meet other business leaders that you might not have met otherwise. It's a great place to share ideas and collaborate. The amenities make going to work significantly easier. The ALX Community team has a can-do attitude that seems to make everything easier.

Sarah Locke

My business has gained visibility and credibility in Alexandria. I also have received several referrals from members and event attendees.

I am obsessed with coming to work each day at ALX. Because of the atmosphere, I show up more during my offseason than ever before. The team is a delight and I am proud to be a founding member!
Sue Santa

Sue Santa

From our very first day at ALX, we've commented on the positive impact our membership is having on us and our business. This is a true community - they live up to, and FAR beyond, their name and the promises they make. The entire ALX team is wonderful - they make us feel like they care about us and our business. Jeanne and I are pleasantly surprised by the work environment, the friends we've made and the contacts we continue to generate.

I've also hosted several meetings on site, in both my office and in conference rooms. I'm always confident that the ALX team will support me, that our space will look fabulous when guests arrive, and that their experience will reflect well on our business and on ALX.

Christine Milot

I love my membership. I have always had to commute to an office and rush hour isn't as fun as you think. I am now working at a remote job and I get to walk to work. It's so freeing and exhilarating walking to work and actually liking the office and people. There are new faces every day and seeing friendly and happy dogs makes me smile. I never expected my membership to give me the opportunity to attend great workshops and network. When my job gets stressful, I know ALX Community will be there to brighten my day.