Co-working Is a Deal-Breaker

The neighborhood’s mailboxes were wrapped in orange tissue paper, orange balloons filled the air, even the local JoS. A. Bank ran out of orange ties. It was as if my son was coloring the whole town orange. 

Toni Miller, a true local to Old Town, realized just how deep her roots are planted in and nourished by this community after the death of her son. From growing up going to what was St Mary’s Academy to passing by her father’s workplace on Prince Street, she is one of the many people who have shaped the people, places, and future of this prized city.

Even as we were talking, a childhood friend who was visiting town came up to Toni and embraced her like she was holding onto a long lost sister. I watched their faces brighten more and more as they caught up about the good times, the painful times, and everything in between over the years. It is this deep connection, love, and authenticity that compels Toni to help others plant their roots deeply in her community, rich with history and heart. 

As time passed after the loss of her son, Toni felt she needed to begin working again, which was intimidating in and of itself being out of the working world for several years prior. Not sure where to begin, Toni transitioned back into her career as a production manager in mortgage banking where she developed a deep understanding and passion for the industry. Fast forward to now, Toni wakes up every morning loving what she does, building meaningful relationships with her clients, and helping them through the ups, downs, and ambiguity of finding, and more specifically financing, a home. 

Every puzzle has different pieces, but creates the same picture, a home. 

All Toni’s clients come with their own set of challenges, dreams, constraints, opportunities, and personalities. Finding the perfect mortgage perfectly and quickly for her clients allows Toni to constantly grow, adapt, and problem-solve. With a background in education from UVA, she explains her impact on the community as taking the time and care to educate each of her clients specific to their needs and questions to ensure they can, in the end, have those keys to their dream home confidently in their hands. 

Piper’s People: Toni Miller, Fidelity Bank Loan Officer

I am Alexandria’s biggest cheerleader; I love to welcome new people into our community. 

Toni doesn’t simply enjoy serving her community by being an incredible loan officer at Fidelity Bank, but she also loves the flexibility it provides to remain a strong and steady presence in the lives of her three children, her church, and her friends. In order to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time, she has to hold onto persistence, work ethic, and integrity. 

I knocked on door after door, and they continued to slam. I kept thinking to myself, “What if the next one opens?” Surely enough, finally a realtor agreed to my first referral deal. What if I would have stopped right before that door opened?

Toni opened up about just how lonely it was at first to work from home. As she searched for an option to provide office space, create connections, and open up new opportunities, she discovered ALX Community. Without even seeing the space (it wasn’t even finished being built yet) she was all in, “Sign me up!” 

Within the first 8 weeks, I closed a deal I NEVER would have achieved not being at ALX Community. I’ve acquired so much business from just being present. People are always watching. As they see you show up every day, work hard, and treat people well, they automatically gain respect and trust for you. There have been times when I am sitting on the couch in the middle of ALX working and someone casually stops by me, “Hey, I’ve been meaning to talk to you, I’m looking to refinance my home. Can you help me?”

Toni emphasized that ALX Community is the perfect intersection between old and new. ALX embodies the genuine, neighborly culture embedded in the history of Old Town and celebrates new innovations and people moving into Alexandria.

This combination of savoring the old and welcoming the new with a focus on flexibility and community is what is means to work differently in #TheNewOldTown.