Checklist: 5 Things to Bring When Setting Up Your New Coworking Space

Joining a coworking space comes with plenty of perks: fast and free WiFi, printers full of ink, and a beautiful setting in which to lounge (see above—looks pretty great, right?). Plus, when you join a coworking space like ALX Community, there’s no need to haul in a desk, chair, or trash can—we’ve got you covered there. But there are some items you definitely don’t want to forget when setting up your new coworking space. Here’s a handy checklist as you get settled into a more productive and efficient way of working: coworking.

1. Backup Chargers 

Don’t assume that the front desk will have extra chargers floating around. While a kind employee or coworker might lend you hers, it’s bound to get a bit awkward when she interrupts your Zoom meeting to ask for it back. Bring an extra computer and phone charger to leave at your desk. If you’re a Flex Member, you can rent a locker for these items, and anything mentioned below, for easy storage.

2. Ring Light

Speaking of Zoom, what did we do before ring lights? (And come to think of it, what did we do before Zoom?) The pandemic has ushered in a new way to meet—the video call—which is likely here to stay in some capacity, given that many employers have permanently shifted to remote working. A ring light truly does make a difference in the quality of your call, particularly if your office has fluorescent overhead lighting. Most come with different settings so you can adjust the level of glow you’re looking for with a small remote attached to the cord. Many also come with a tripod, as well as a nifty holder to attach your phone to the tripod.

3. Headphones

You joined a coworking space to escape distractions, whether it be from home life or your regular coffee spot. However, you can’t always control your environment in a place that’s also home to events, kitchen banter, and excited doggos. Keep an extra pair of headphones with you to keep you in the zone.

4. Business Cards

Whether you have your own office or a shared space, there will be plenty of opportunities to network—coworking spaces are all about bringing people together to create community, whether it’s through community volunteering, happy hours in the lounge, or group runs. You’re also meeting individuals from a wide variety of careers and backgrounds, meaning boundless networking opportunities await, so you’ll definitely want to have some business cards handy.

5. A Plant

If you’re in an office, consider putting a small plant on your desk or a potted plant nearby. Plants have been proven to lower work stress, prevent mental fatigue, and prolong attention span. At ALX Community, you’ll find plants sprinkled throughout both floors—in the lounge areas, tucked inside phone booths, and placed on desks in the shared Flex space.

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