Requirements for Rental Use of any of ALX Community’s Locations or Venues

The term “event” in this agreement refers to any meeting, wedding, event, or activity held at an ALX Community location or venue. “Event Holder” refers to the primary event contact who is responsible for the event and will sign or has signed the event agreement.

A. Limited Purpose. The Event Holder and their guests and invitees shall not use the event space in any manner other than for the stated purpose(s). The event space is for the use of the Event Holder and their guests during the stated event date and time. All festivities must end and guests must depart the event space no later than the time listed on the Event Holder agreement or the Event Holder will be subject to additional charges.

B. Event Entry by Staff or Representatives of ALX Community. ALX staff may enter any part of the event space at any time for any reasonable purpose.

C. Catering Facilities. The catering kitchen is limited to food assembly only and any cooking must be done off-site. Licensed caterers must provide their own staff, setup, and equipment necessary to fulfill menu selections.

1. Applicable to Above ALX only: If the Event Holder chooses catering services that are not included in the provided Preferred Caterers list, ALX Community will interview the caterer(s) and reserves the right to charge the Event Holder the fee identified in the event agreement. Any catering service which is not an approved ALX Community caterer is required to be a full-service business with servers, bartenders, event captain, etc.

2. All weddings at any ALX Community location must be serviced by a full catering team, regardless of size. If the Event Holder chooses catering services for a wedding that are not included in the provided Preferred Caterers list, ALX Community reserves the right to charge an outside vendor fee.

3. All outside caterers are subject to ALX Community pre-approval.

4. In the event a full catering team is not utilized, ALX Community will charge a staffing fee of $1,500.

D. Event Preparations and Decorating. It is the responsibility of the Event Holder to move event-related equipment, decorations, furnishings, and all other event materials within the facility or on the grounds during the rental period. For the safety of all guests and visitors to ALX Community, decorating—or any event preparation that requires hanging of décor higher than a person’s standard reach of approximately six (6) feet (e.g., those that require a step stool or ladder)—are performed at the person’s own risk. ALX Community cannot provide any tools or equipment for event preparation or decorating. Personal equipment for this purpose is the responsibility of the Event Holder, and ALX Community takes no responsibility for these items, or use thereof. Confetti, rice, glitter, and fog machines are not allowed.

E. Floral Installations and Additional Décor. Event Holder may bring, rent, or make floral installations. Large décor that requires engineering or large placement must be approved in writing by ALX Community at least 30 days prior to the event. All floral installations or décor shall be removed and disposed of by the Event Holder or associated vendor(s).

F. No Smoking. Smoking is strictly prohibited both inside ALX Community’s event space and in the outside areas immediately surrounding the event space. Any Event Holder whose guests and visitors violate this policy are subject to an additional $500 (minimum) cleaning and hazard fee per incident.

G. Pets. Well-behaved dogs are permitted (up to two dogs). A refundable $500 pet deposit will be added to the total bill for each dog. Dogs are the sole responsibility of their owners. During the event, dogs must remain with a caretaker or in a crate if unattended. Any other animals that the Event Holder wishes to take part in the event will be considered on a case-by-case basis and are prohibited without the express written permission of ALX Community. The Event Holder is responsible for any damage to ALX Community’s property or its contents that is caused by their pets.

H. Open Flame. Open flames are not permitted anywhere inside or outside the event space. Sterno is permitted for the purpose of heating food. Any other source of open flame and flame-causing items—including but not limited to candles, fireworks, and cigarettes and cigars—are strictly prohibited at the facility. No matches are permitted on the premises.

I. Unlawful Activity. The Event Holder and their guests shall not engage in any unlawful activities during the event and must not engage in irresponsible activities that could reasonably be expected to result in injury or damage to the Event Holder, guests, or any other third party.

J. Noise. The Event Holder and guests must observe local noise ordinances and shall not create or permit the existence of any nuisance. Please review the City of Alexandria’s Noise Ordinance here: https://www.alexandriava.gov/Noise

K. Intoxication or Unruly Behavior. ALX Community reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove from its premises any person who is intoxicated, under the influence of any drug, or exhibits disruptive behavior and/or violates ALX Community’s rules and regulations.

L. Children. While our facilities are not child-proof, we do allow children at our ABOVE ALX location; however, children must be over the age of 15 to attend events in the Waterfront and Atrium Town Halls as well as the Waterfront Patio. In all cases, children must be supervised by an adult at all times, especially outdoors on the terrace or patio. Amenities such as furniture with sharp edges, decorations with small pieces, cleaning products, and other examples known and unknown can pose safety risks for children. The Event Holders acknowledge that there may be hazards on the property and accept responsibility for all children present and their safety.

M. Restrooms. The Event Holder is responsible for any damage or destruction caused to the restrooms by the Event Holder or their vendors and/or guests, or for any special clean-up which is beyond normal and customary usage. It is important that only waste and toilet paper (in reasonable amounts) be flushed in these facilities. Under no circumstances can guests use any other restrooms located in the building other than those designated for use for the event.

N. Alcohol. If the Event Holder plans to serve any alcoholic beverages during the event, all alcohol must be served by a designated and professional bartender. All alcohol service must stop no later than thirty (30) minutes prior to the end of any event. Anyone serving alcohol must be licensed to serve alcohol in Virginia and the Event Holder must provide a banquet license from the Virginia Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control (ABC), which can be found here:https://www.abc.virginia.gov/licenses/val/definitions/banquet For multi-day events, additional ABC banquet licenses are required.

1. The Event Holder agrees and warrants that there shall be NO CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL BY PERSONS UNDER AGE 21. The Event Holder agrees to refuse to allow alcohol to be served to, or consumed by, any person who is visibly intoxicated or under 21 years of age. The Event Holder shall monitor all service of alcohol and specifically acknowledge that they are solely liable for the consumption of any alcohol by any person both on and off the premises and that such liability shall extend to any aspect regarding the consumption of alcohol. ALX Community may ask guests for identification to verify age; to refuse service to any or all event participants; and reserves the right to end the entire event early if (1) a minor is consuming alcohol; (2) an adult is providing alcohol to a minor; and/or (3) a guest or guests appears intoxicated and refuses to leave the premises.

O. Storage. ABOVE ALX has limited storage space. Items cannot be stored in the main ABOVE ALX event spaces. In certain cases, small items may be stored. All fees charged for storage are due upon pick up. The Event Manager will have discretion on any item to be stored. Storage fees are identified in the fee schedule.

P. Overtime. Any use of the event spaces after the contracted end time is subject to an overtime charge. Overtime must be arranged and accepted by the Event Holder who will be required to acknowledge the overtime charges at the time the request is made. Overtime will not be allowed if the Event Holder is not present. The Event Manager will have discretion on approval for any overtime. Overtime costs are identified in the fee schedule.

Q. IT/ Audio & Visual Support(AV). Any use of IT/AV equipment (which includes but shall not be limited to any audio, slideshows, etc.) must be coordinated with our vendor (Support Doctor) to ensure smooth operation of your IT/AV needs on our system. Fees will depend on the scale of needs with a two (2) hour minimum.

R. Coronavirus. The coronavirus and its variants have been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization. The coronavirus is extremely contagious and is believed to spread mainly from person-to-person contact. As a result, ALX Community has implemented preventative measures required by the Commonwealth of Virginia and recommended by health agencies, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and Virginia Department of Health, to reduce the spread of the coronavirus among users of the event space. However, ALX Community cannot guarantee that the event space will not become infected with the coronavirus. Further, it is understood that using the event space could increase the risk to the Event Holder and their guests of contracting the coronavirus.

It is understood that each person renting the event space and each person attending an event have agreed to perform the following additional obligations as a result of federal, state, and local ordinances related to the event space. The parties understand that these obligations may change and to the extent that they do, and additional action(s) is/are required for the event space to be open, ALX Community shall notify the Event Holder of such changes, which will be incorporated into their agreement. The Event Holder shall be solely responsible for ensuring all invitees, guests, and vendors adhere to all the coronavirus guidelines, including but not limited to:

1. No one who has contracted the coronavirus, is displaying symptoms of the coronavirus, or has been in contact (defined as either within six feet or in the same enclosed room) with someone with the coronavirus within the previous fourteen (14) days shall be permitted in the event space. Symptoms are deemed to be the following: a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher; sense of a fever; a cough, shortness of breath, chills, sore throat, or

muscle aches that cannot be attributed to another health condition; or any combination of the aforementioned symptoms.

2. Prior to entering the event space, all attendees and vendors may be required to sign a health screening form and assumption of risk agreement representing that they do not have any of the symptoms of the coronavirus, that they understand the risks inherent with social gatherings during the current pandemic, and that they assume such risks.

3. The Event Holder may be required to provide a complete attendee list and completed health certification and assumption of risk form for every attendee to the ALX Community representative within 72 hours of the event date. Failure to do so when requested may result in cancellation of the event.

4. All vendors shall adhere to the requirements imposed by the CDC and Commonwealth of Virginia governing the performance of services in the event space as applicable.

S. Vendors, Event Planning, and Delivery. All plans for any event are subject to ALX Community’s approval. ALX Community reserves the right to disallow any activity deemed unsuitable or dangerous for its premises, staff, and guests.

1. Vendors for Events. The Event Holder must provide ALX Community with a final list of all vendors and their contact information per the specified date on the Event Holder’s agreement.

2. Photography. Photographs may be taken of the event and the event’s guests; however, no photographs may be taken by the Event Holder’s photographer or visitors for publication or public sale other than sale to the Event Holder and their respective family and friends, or with written consent from ALX Community. The Event Holder and their guests give permission and consent to ALX Community to take photographs during the event and acknowledge that such photographs may be published and used by ALX Community in brochures, on its website, or in any other print or online versions in order to illustrate and promote ALX Community. Photography is allowed during scheduled event start and end time only. Photography is not permitted during event set up or clean up time as noted in the event schedule on the contract.

3. Planner/Coordinator. Weddings with parties of fifty (50) people or more must hire a wedding planner or dedicated day-of wedding coordinator. All planner/coordinator duties shall occur on the day of the event or during agreed-upon hours and may include, but are not limited to, managing all subcontracted services and vendors for the wedding such as the caterer, photographer, videographer, flowers, limousine service, band, DJ, decorator; organizing all parties for the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception; and managing the wishes of the marrying couple and their guests during the event. The planner/coordinator may not be a member of the wedding party; must be present at all times during the hours of the event; and shall be the primary contact for ALX Community’s representative(s). In the event of a cancellation by the wedding parties planner/coordinator ALX Community can perform these duties. The cost will be determined based on the timing and size of the guest count.

4. Event Access. The Event Holder, event vendors, and event guests are granted access to the event during the event period as outlined in the event agreement. Additional setup time prior to the start of the event time may be accommodated based on ALX Community’s event schedule and the day of the week. Any advance meetings or setup time must be requested at least 48 hours in advance.

5. Timing. The event must end promptly at the contracted hour. ALX Community has the right to charge overage fees for any event that runs past the event end time.

6. Clean-up. The Event Holder and vendors are responsible for ensuring the property is left in the same condition as it was prior to the set-up of the event, or “reasonably clean” with ALL event-related décor, equipment, and trash removed.

7. Use of ALX Community Staff Members Prior to Rental Period. ALX Community provides meeting rooms and event space but the staff of ALX Community are not meeting, event, or wedding planners. A member of ALX Community’s staff will be assigned to serve as the Event Holder’s point of contact for meetings, events, or weddings (in person or via phone), general discussions, and email correspondence within reason. ALX Community will prepare the space for the event prior to the Event Holder’s arrival; if any major changes are required for setup, this will be the responsibility of the Event Holder. ALX Community requires no less than two business days’ notice prior to the event date and start time to accommodate reasonable requests.

8. Use of ALX Community Staff Members on Event Day. Members of ALX Community’s staff may be present for event management and oversight for ALX Community’s purposes. However, staff members may not be utilized or directed by the Event Holder or their vendors to work or perform tasks for the event unless prior arrangements have been made and documented in the agreement. The Event Holder’s event coordinator or planner and vendors are the parties who are responsible for working the event and ensuring the event goes smoothly. The Event Holder is responsible for coordinating with their vendors to ensure that they are abiding by the Terms and Conditions set forth in this agreement, as well as in any other communications (written or verbal) from or with ALX Community staff.

T. Insurance. The Event Holder must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance no later than 10 business days prior to the event, which provides coverage for each event day that the Event Holder occupies the premises. This insurance certificate must explicitly state the following conditions:

1. $1,000,000 Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Limits, $2,000,000 General Aggregate.

2. $1,000,000 Host Liquor Liability must be specifically included in the above coverage.

3. For events at Above ALX, ALX-ABOVE LLC and 277 South Washington Street LLC, Alexandria, VA 22314 must be named as additional insured for any claim or claims resulting from or growing out of the Event Holder or event.

4. For events at Waterfront, ALX COMMUNITY LLC and 201 North Union Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 must be named as additional insured for any claim or claims resulting from or growing out of the Event Holder or event.

The Event Holder is responsible for obtaining Certificate of Liability Insurance from each vendor on the same terms as above. Failure to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance could result in cancellation of the meeting, event, or wedding without refund.

U. Inclement Weather. In the event of inclement weather, including but not limited to snow, ice, thunderstorms, heavy rain, and/or extreme heat, events may be limited to use of only the indoor space at ALX Community’s discretion.

V. Cancellation Policy.

1. All cancellations must be in writing. All payments are final.

2. If ALX Community fails to provide the contract services due to major weather events identified as a state of emergency by either the State of Virginia or the City of Alexandria that have a direct impact on the venue (or access to the venue), included but not limited to floods, hurricanes, snow emergencies, other forces of nature or other matters such as property sale, rental, and deposit, monies will be fully refunded.

3. Should the Event Holder need to reschedule or postpone their event due to the coronavirus or other states of emergency, claims should be made in writing, and are not subject to refund. For approved circumstances, the Event Holder will be offered alternative dates as available within a 365-day period from the date and time of the originally scheduled event.

4. ALX Community reserves the right to cancel or halt any event which is unlawful, or out of compliance with local, state, and federal laws and requirements.