Founders Hall sees early success in Old Town

Shaw, who spearheaded the development of Founders Hall, was inspired to create the space out of what he considered “the ugliest building in Old Town.”
“I’d walk by this building a lot of times, like a lot of other people in Old Town, and I kept thinking, ‘What could you do with that building?’” Shaw said. “What’s not here that should be here?”
Shaw initially considered converting the entire building into a co-working space, but opted instead to combine a number of uses under the same roof, with the help of his connections.
“If you put a couple uses together, one plus one plus one might equal seven,” Shaw said.
Shaw said, when considering what to put inside Founders Hall, he thought about what the neighborhood needed.
“We wanted to figure out what’s not in the market, and then put together a beautifully designed space that hopefully would resonate with the community, and it seems that it has,” Shaw said. >