‘Life finds a way’: Community-built Alexandria Drive-In comes to a close after impactful year during pandemic

When Dr. Ian Malcolm, played by Jeff Goldblum, famously said, “Life finds a way” in the 1993 classic “Jurassic Park,” he was referring to the evolutionary miracle, the way that life can adapt to survive and thrive.

During the last year of a global pandemic that irrevocably changed how people live, work and play, those words became more relevant than ever. Despite the darkness caused by loss and uncertainty, there were glimmers of light in the ways people adapted to the “new normal.”

In Alexandria, restaurants shifted to curbside service, classical music concerts sprouted in secret gardens and, surprisingly, the screen of a drive-in movie theater became a beacon of hope for the city.

The Alexandria Drive-In’s rise to prominence during the pandemic was one of the most unexpected success stories of 2020. For almost a year, the drive-in has provided residents with a pandemic-safe form of entertainment and a way to support local nonprofits through ticket sales.

At a time when most people were lost in the dark – isolated from family and friends or at a loss for what to do – residents flocked to the shining silver screen of the Alexandria Drive-In like moths to a flame. >