Member Spotlight: Julianne Woehrle

Today we’re sharing this compelling story from ALX Community member Julianne Woehrle, whose new career was both launched and challenged by the pandemic. Julianne’s expertise lies in design and branding, and last summer she began helping other small businesses recreate their visual brand to match their true intentions  in order to stand out in a modern, online world. Here’s how ALX Community buoyed her career—specifically, her productivity—during these uncertain months.

I joined ALX Community in June of 2020 shortly after starting my own graphic design business. The pandemic pushed me out of my comfort zone and onto my own two feet as there was no longer the budget for an in-house designer at my previous place of employment. I saw other businesses grow and thrive within the walls of ALX Community at their first location on Lee Street, so I knew exactly where I needed to be to find an amazing network, beautiful and quiet workspace, and opportunities to contribute to the Alexandria Community at large. There was never a question in my mind of whether my business would benefit from any level of membership at ALX Community.

When I was working from home, I was in a one-bedroom apartment with my partner. We had to schedule our calls to avoid overlapping and while his job relies heavily on constant collaboration via teams, I need quiet time to focus on getting design and illustration work done.

My productivity at ALX Community has easily tripled since leaving home, as I am able to find a quiet corner to hunker down in, and still have a friendly chat and network with members and staff as I come and go.

Even before completing the membership process at ALX Community, I was warmly welcomed with such encouragement and exciting ideas. The Founders and Community Managers at ALX Community, as well as the members, are all connectors in every sense of the word. The spirit when you walk in each day is for everyone to succeed and be their best.  You not only have a whole new network of people with access to your business; you are given access to a thriving community of diverse people to bounce ideas off of, ask advice, and create relationships with.

In the current environment, life can feel unpredictable and scary at times. Going into ALX Community is a great reminder that there are so many people still focused on using their skills and resources to build up local business and individuals. The team also supports many non-profits, even co-hosting the Alexandria Drive-In this year! This means there is no shortage of opportunities to build community, whether it be volunteering to stuff bags, creating mask kits for local people, or many other helpful projects that are organized and provided by ALX Community.

You can find Julianne’s work on her website, or contact her directly at

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