Take Your Dog to Work Day — Choosing a Dog Friendly Workplace Can Help You Become More Productive

In the city where one out of every four Alexandria residents is a dog, it’s no wonder workplaces are choosing to go dog friendly. At ALX Community, we believe that dog friendly work environments are not only more fun, they’re more productive! And we’re not the only ones. In a study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University, researchers observed that employees who brought their dogs to work had lower stress hormone levels than those who didn’t. Additionally, the study revealed that dogs not only reduce stress in their owners during the workday, they also make the job more satisfying for other employees.

In today’s world, bringing our dogs to work is becoming more socially acceptable. According to Forbes, even large companies like Google and Ben & Jerry’s are taking notice and becoming dog-friendly.

“Having dogs in the workplace on a regular basis, if it’s well-managed, actually increases productivity in the workplace. It can have benefits on team cohesion and generally elevate the mood in the workplace.”

-Sean McCormack, head vet at Tails.com and co-author of The Happy Dog Cookbook.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Satisfied teams and good team culture go hand in hand, and the inclusion of dogs in the workplace plays a big part in that. Another study conducted in 2017 by the , finds that “dogs may provide social support, improve performance, and increase social interactions.” And what could be more important in a co-working environment than increased social interaction? There’s no better way to break the ice at a networking event than with your trusted canine friend. Take Piper’s word for it, nothing leaves a better first impression than a firm paw shake!

Are you interested in improving your productivity and your team’s satisfaction at work? Come give dog-friendly co-working a try at ALX Community. Schedule a tour today!