Work Differently: The Art of Painting the Perfect Place to Call Home

Watching movies in my dorm room at Clemson, ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ captivated my attention. A dialogue about loaning and lending money for a house transpired and Mr. Potter questioned the process. The movie exposed questions like: What is a house? What is a community? These questions compelled me so much so I made a career out of it. 

Dave Zadareky added that investing in a home makes one a better neighbor, customer, and business owner because one isn’t simply invested in a house, but the community. It may look different for different people, but we’re all looking to belong. Dave wants to help people do just that – find a little place of the planet to call your own. 

How do I work differently as a real estate broker? Drop the bullsh*t. There’s too much misinformation and misleading claims out there. I’m everything you need and nothing you don’t. 

Over the years, Dave has come to understand that finding a home is complicated, and every person comes with their unique must-haves, dislikes, constraints, and concerns. Therefore, Dave views himself not as a CEO, but an artist. The questions he asks clients are the brushstrokes that paint a picture of what they are really looking for in a home. It’s not about the house you want today; it’s about the house you want ten years from today. People want to help create and shape the future, and it is more subtle than obvious what turns people on to a community. It’s the same concept when people choose ALX Community. If someone is looking for a “fun” work environment, they may not know what that really looks like. So when they see Golden Doodles walking around and professionals busily working on the couches around Town Hall, they realize, that’s it! I want that! Similarly, Dave paints a picture filled with exactly what his clients long for in a home. At the end of the day, you cannot completely eliminate the risk of buying a home, but you can ensure you love the place you live, which makes all the difference. 

Piper’s People: Dave Zadareky, Compass Real Estate Broker 

I don’t care if I’m the most well-known real estate broker. I care about giving intense personal attention to achieve amazing results. Because that’s what I would want. 

Dave explains that his impact usually goes unseen. Behind the scenes, he is always making problems disappear. He wants to make the overwhelming and all-consuming process of buying or selling a house simple for his clients. He mentioned that clients usually give him feedback like, “You’re just a steady hand. Our house is on fire? You just say we’ll get some guys to put it out. Don’t worry about it.”

It’s funny. For three months, I am the closest human being on the planet to my clients – everyday we are viewing houses together and walking through the next five years of their lives, which gets emotional. I become a trusted confidant and we develop an intense bond. Then, all of a sudden, my client buys a house and it’s over. It’s like I’m constantly breaking up with my best friend. Every time I succeed, there is a loss in my life. 

Community really matters in the work that Dave does. He talked about how ALX breaks you outside your comfort zone and awakens you to opportunities and resources to help you in your business. Even if it’s just asking someone in a different industry, “What do you think about this?”, the free-thinking, entrepreneurial environment ALX Community creates is amazingly helpful.