A Co-working Community for Community: A Space for Business Owners and Remote Workers to Belong, Work, and Grow

ALX Community’s prime views of Old Town, adorable puppies to pet, and emphasis on remaining hyper-local attracts a new breed of crazy cool professionals. Our hodgepodge of honoring the old and welcoming the new just works.

Our members are passionate social entrepreneurs. Hard-working community servants. Wicked smart policy makers and shakers. Insanely creative videographers. Completely trustworthy real estate agents. Head-over-heels lovers of Old Town. The definition of what it means to work differently.

People have been barking about us, and we love the energy it’s created. So, we thought we’d start barking about us, too.

This gathering space starts conversations that lead to a more connected community, new business ideas, and more clients and partnerships for our members. The good news is, even if you’re not physically here, through interacting with the stories and insights from our members, we can expand these conversations beyond the walls of ALX.

Thinking of new ways to give back to the town we adore so much, we want to learn, grow, and give alongside people throughout Alexandria. Each blog will be an opportunity to learn best practices from different industries and entrepreneurs, grow from their insights, and be inspired by ALX members’ stories.

What questions do you have for an ALX member? Seriously – we love a good question! 

If you want to take it a step further, come out to meet our members and take a tour of the space with Lore, our Member Experience Manager! We’d love to hear about your story, too.