Volunteer Alexandria Presents Awards to Residents

Kelly Grant wins Business Philanthropist Award after launching Alexandria Drive-In.

Volunteer Alexandria gave awards to several Alexandria residents who truly are the heart of Alexandria — giving their time and talents to volunteer during a particularly difficult year.

“There are thousands of people who put their health at risk to serve others last year and still are,” said Marion Brunken, Executive Director of Volunteer Alexandria. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic reached Alexandria, volunteers have contributed more than 14,250 hours of service.

For perspective: That’s 6.8 years of 40-hour workweeks of volunteer work with no weeks off. 

A significant amount of that has been focused on feeding those in need, including helping with Alexandria City Public Schools food distribution, the food bank and ALIVE! and much more. Volunteers also mentor, make masks and contribute their expertise in areas like communications, finance and more.

The agency recognized all of them during National Volunteer Week in April and there are thousands of names on their website at www.volunteeralexandria.org.

Volunteers have donated anywhere from one hour to more than 1,500 hours in the past year.

Several volunteers were nominated by their organization for an award for their dedicated efforts.

The awardees are: John Perlman, volunteer for ALIVE!, Cynthia Chin volunteer for SOHO, and Phyllis & Anthony Johnson, who both volunteer at the West End Food Pantry. The four received the Joan White Grassroots Volunteer Service Award. >