How ALX Community Changed My Life

ALX Community Happy Hour

That’s me, bottom left, cheersing to fun.

Kim Olsen is a freelance writer in Old Town Alexandria. She can be reached at

In the spring of 2018, an email that would change my life forever hit my inbox. At the time, I was an editor at Washingtonian, and the email came from Maurisa Potts, whom I knew mainly as a PR guru covering all things Alexandria and beyond (I now consider her a dear friend).

Her news that day involved a co-working space set to open in Old Town, which also had an on-site juice bar and yoga studio. Knowing that I covered health and fitness for the magazine, and that there is no ceiling for my love for these ankle-turning, cobblestone streets, Maurisa thought I might be interested in covering it. Sure was.

That article was my first introduction to ALX Community. I had no idea how profoundly it would change my life, how in less than two years it’d give me not only a network of friends who are now my biggest supporters, but also an entirely new career, including a book deal—a lifelong dream of mine.

Wondering how it all happened? Here’s a timeline of what went down.

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Looking back, there was no way of predicting the serendipitous series of events that would occur once I opened that email from Maurisa—that in less than two years, I’d write a book at ALX Community and launch a startup there. That I’d meet the kindest, most genuine folks, who I’m so proud to call my friends. 

Without a shred of a doubt, ALX Community changed my life. Will it change yours? 

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